Automated Interpretation


Multilingual Interface


One to One & Group Calls

Payment Gateway Integration

Showcase Content

Another great way to keep students engaged is by playing games and giving points followed by rewards given to them on their game boards.

Quizzes, polls and votes on different topics of interest, brain jogging games and trivia pop quiz on trending concepts.

Audience and duration of their visit

Candidate Resumes accumulated during the event


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Customizable virtual and hybrid booths

High quality audio and video support

Smooth browsing and exploring options within the digital space

Provide a dynamic dashboard for students and alumni to find positions based on their skills and post applications. Bridge the gap between the two parties by allowing them to connect through smart filters and dashboards to encompass relevant information regarding applications and job opportunities

Built in Video Engine

Interactive chat, audio and video call capabilities

Live streaming and Q&A sessions

Allow recruiters to store, maintain and track resumes using through the organized database system within the platform. Form a functional network between employers and students/alumni by allowing them to drop off their resumes at the virtual-hybrid space for reviewal. Once reviewed, shortlisted candidates’ interviews can be set up directly through the platform.

Chat options with employers and other attendees

Engaging quality content

High quality video live streaming

Polls, surveys, and social media integration

Robust chat feature

Extremely use-friendly platform with aesthetically pleasing graphics providing the user a great experience from any device

Motivate students/alumni to register by describing the agenda for the job fair through your customized registration page with your logo, branding and theme.

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